Best Beaches in Mumbai – How to Reach, Things to Do, All Guide

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Any beach is lovely to visit during the summertime. Mumbai is a highly famous beach destination, by the way. which is situated in India’s Maharashtra. It would be even great in this circumstance if someone could advise us on the nicest beaches.

Get ready, then. Because I’m going to list the top 8 beaches in Mumbai for you today. Hotels and dining establishments are also present on these beaches. This is excellent for eating and living.

Best Beaches in Mumbai

Mumbai’s beaches are extremely well-liked. Mumbai is the greatest location if you wish to visit beaches. Goa’s beaches are, of course, highly well-liked. However, Goa is a tad pricey. The best area to view the coastline is Mumbai. We’ve compiled a list of Mumbai’s top 8 beaches below.

1. Juhu Beach, Mumbai

Mumbai’s Andheri West neighbourhood is home to Juhu Beach. Mumbai’s Juhu Beach is the city’s most well-known beach. There are numerous Bollywood actors present here. Films are filmed here because of the beach’s attractiveness. You’ll adore seeing the sunrise and sunset here. The best beaches in Mumbai to visit are those.


Additionally, there are numerous restaurants and motels in this area. You may also find a wide selection of snacks and regional street food on Juhu Beach. Since this is the most populated region in Mumbai, hotels are a little more expensive here. You will nonetheless receive 5 stars. The eateries in this area serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian fare.

You can easily travel here with your friends and family as well. However, this beach is never empty; there is constantly a large number of people here. Check out the other beach below if you wish to visit a tranquil beach.

How to Reach Juhu Beach, Mumbai

  • Nearest Bus Stop: The closest bus stop to Juhu Beach is Vile Parle Station. The distance is only 3 kilometres.
  • Nearest Railway Station: Vile Parle is the railroad station that is closest to Juhu Beach. The distance is only 3 kilometres.

2. Aksa Beach, Mumbai

Mumbai residents also love to visit this beach. Aksa Beach is in Mumbai’s Malad neighbourhood. The lack of crowds at Aksa Beach is one of its unique selling points. Which gives any loving relationship a lot of comforts. Lovers Point is another name for Aksa Beach.


You can get large stones that can hurt you here. I want to let you know that swimming is not recommended at this beach. Only here can you relax and have quality time with your pals. These are Mumbai’s top beaches for lovers.

A local food stand is put up on this Aksa Beach in the evening. which provides affordable, delicious street food. One of Mumbai’s top beaches is Aksa Beach. because Aksa Beach is a very lovely place. You can bring your buddies here and have a fantastic time. Also, a nice place for a picnic is Aksa Beach.

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How to Reach Aksa Beach in Mumbai

  • Nearest Bus Stop: The bus stop with the closest access to Aksa Beach is Malti Cottage. The distance is only 2.1 kilometres.
  • Nearest Railway Station: Aksa Beach is the closest train station to Malad West. The distance is only 8.3 kilometres.

3. Gorai Beach, Mumbai

Gorai Beach is really serene. Gorai Beach is the perfect place to go swimming. because the sea at Gorai Beach has a fairly shallow depth. You have no issues swimming in the ocean.


This Gorai Beach’s water is a little bit dirty. The majority of people dislike taking baths in it. Along with restaurants and hotels, Gorai Beach has several of them. where you can save money by eating with your buddies.

How to Reach Gorai Beach in Mumbai

  • Nearest Bus Stop: Gorai Beach is close to the Holy Magi bus stop. There are only 350 metres between them.
  • Nearest Train Station: The closest train station to Gorai Beach is Borivali West. The distance is 23.4 kilometres.

4. Marine Drive | Nariman Point, Mumbai

The beaches at Marine Drive and Nariman Point are the same. By the way, this beach’s name is Marine Drive. But Nariman Point is the name of the area where people can sit. Nearby to this Marine, Drive beach lies Wankhede Stadium.


Another lover’s point is Marine Drive or Nariman Point. Additionally, Marine Drive Beach is relatively tranquil. However, there is a lot of traffic here because Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Route is the closest road. But you can also have a fantastic time here with your significant other.
The triangular stones on Marine Drive Beach are what make it unique. They would undoubtedly watch it on their TV. The seating arrangement in this room is excellent. also shields you from ocean waves. You may also stop by after midnight. Additionally, it is Mumbai’s top beach for lovers.

The wind blows quite quickly here. You will, however, experience cool temperatures in the evening. You won’t find a stall to eat and drink here though if the beach is up the road. The beach closest to Marine Drive is the most pristine. There is no dirt to be found here.

How to Reach Marine Drive Beach, Mumbai

  • Nearest Bus Stop: The bus stop closest to Marine Drive Beach is Gymkhana. It is only a hundred metres away.
  • Closest Railway Station: Marine Line is the railroad station that is most convenient to Marine Drive Beach. There is only a 1-kilometre difference.

5. Girgaon Chowpatty Beach, Mumbai

The beach at Girgaon Chowpatty is close to Marine Drive. The marine drive is like a balcony along the side of the road where you may sit comfortably, which is the only difference. Girgaum Chowpatty Beach, however, is a typical beach. You may find both sand and water here.

This place has a poor seating layout. But because there are fewer people here, you may still have a good time. The many food stands here are all extremely nicely run. You may get a wide selection of food and beverages here.

How to Reach Girgaon Chowpatty Beach, Mumbai

  • Nearest bus stop: The closest bus stop to Girgaum Chowpatty Beach is Chowpatti Band. There are only 550 metres between them.
  • Nearest Railway Station: Girgaum Chowpatty Beach is the closest railway station to Charni Road. There is only a 1-kilometre difference.

6. Madh Island Beach, Mumbai

The most well-known beach in Mumbai is Madh Island Beach. Dana Pani Beach is another name for this beach. Due to its cleanliness in comparison to all the other beaches, Madh Island Beach is also a nice place to have a picnic.


The beach on Madh Island is encircled by vegetation. Many cedar trees can be seen in this area. The seafood trade has increased the popularity of Madh Island Beach. Here, you may also observe many kinds of fishing boats.

Aksa beach is close to Madh Island Beach. These are among the most romantic beaches in Mumbai. Bollywood movies are also filmed on this beach since it is the cleanest and most picturesque. You can view Shivji Maharaj’s fort from here, but you are not permitted to enter it. because the government has blocked off this fort. The well-known Kaleshwar Mahadev temple is also nearby.

How to Reach Madh Island Beach, Mumbai

  • Nearest Bus Stop: Yog Ashram is the bus stop closest to Madh Island Beach, according to distance. There are only 700 metres between us.
  • Nearest Railway Station: Madh Island Beach is the closest train station to Andheri West. 19.9 km is a short distance.

7. Versova Beach, Mumbai

Andheri West is home to Versova Beach. It used to be a really filthy beach. However, changes have been made to this beach recently. Afroz Shah significantly cleaned this beach in 2015. Versova Beach is currently one of Mumbai’s most stunning beaches.


Versova Beach’s ability to accommodate rafting is its most unique feature. You receive a five-day rafting package. This will cost you 10,000 rupees. You will receive rafting instruction over the course of these 5 days, after which you will get to experience rafting.

How to Reach Versova Beach, Mumbai

  • Nearest Bus Stop: The bus stop with the closest access to Versova Beach is Seven Bangalow Garden. There are only 500 metres between us.
  • Nearest Railway Station: Versova Beach is the closest train station to Andheri West. The distance is only 3.9 kilometres.

8. Marve Beach, Mumbai

In Mumbai’s Malad neighbourhood is Marve Beach. Additionally, Aksa Beach is close by this Marve Beach. On the seashore there, there are far too many fishermen living. The beach at Marve is fairly tiny. You won’t be able to take a bath in this water. because there are fishing nets scattered over the lake. However, this beach is quite serene and lovely.


You can park your car here and drive to the shore. It is therefore wonderful that you may drive to the beach and party with your pals. Marve Beach is not close to any lodging or dining establishments. However, there are also food stands here. You must head to the market to do this.

How to Reach Marve Beach, Mumbai

  • Nearest Bus Stop: Marve Beach is the location of the closest bus stop. The distance is only 2.1 kilometres.
  • Nearest Railway Station: Versova Beach is the closest train station to Malad West. The distance is only 7 kilometres.

Things to Know Before Visiting Mumbai Beaches

Use a life jacket if you cannot swim. which you are required to bring. Without a life jacket, swimming in the ocean can be a little risky. Additionally, keep your distance from any marine life you may encounter on the water’s edge.

Best Time to Visit Beach in Mumbai

I simply wanted to let you know that summertime is the best season to visit the beaches. You only need to make it through the wet season. Due to wet days, there are significantly fewer amenities here. And as a result, the water level rises dramatically. High tide is what we call this.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Mumbai beach is the cleanest?

Mumbai’s Marine Drive is the city’s cleanest beach. This Mumbai beach is situated in an upscale neighbourhood.

2. In Mumbai, how many beaches are there?

In Mumbai, there are numerous beaches. However, not every beach is ideal for tourists.

3. Which beach can we see celebrities on?

For celebrities, Juhu Beach is particularly well-liked. Numerous TV stars and actors from Bollywood can be seen here.

4. Which Mumbai beach is well-known?

Mumbai’s Juhu Beach is well known. Vile Parle is home to this beach. This is also a highly well-liked location.


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