Best Places To Visit In Udaipur (The City Of Lakes) – 2022

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It would be wonderful if you had visited Venice. If not, and you want to experience what it’s like to be in such gorgeous surroundings, you might choose to fly to Udaipur, often known as the ‘Venice of the East and ‘The City of Lakes’. Udaipur, a city in Rajasthan, is a beautiful place with a rich cultural heritage and a fascinating past. The palaces reflect the architectural splendor that existed during the Rajput period, and the gorgeous backdrop depicts how nature can be generous wherever it chooses to be. Here is the list of top 10 things to do ( Best places to visit ) in Udaipur that you should not miss.

1. City Palace

About City Palace

Maharana Udai Singh II of the Sisodia Rajput family built the City Palace in the year 1559. On the banks of Pichola Lake, the palace is located. The palace’s architecture is a blend of European, Medieval, and Chinese influences. The City Palace is made up of 11 spectacular buildings that were built at different times and by different emperors. The palace’s size is breathtaking, with courtyards, terraces, pavilions, hanging gardens, and much more. The architecture, the antiques within, and the rare artwork adorning the walls of the palace are all spectacular. City Palace is one of the must-visit places in Udaipur.

Information for Visitors :
  - Famous for: History, Architecture, Photography.
  - Tickets: 30 INR for adults and 15 INR for children.
  - Opening Timings: Open all days ( 9:30am to 5:30pm).
  - Duration: 1-2 hours.
Things to Do at City Palace

    - Take a tour of City Palace.
    - Visit the City Palace Museum (charges separate).
    - Enjoy a scenic view of the nearby Lake Pichola.

2. Lake Pichola

About Lake Pichola

Lake Pichola, another man-made wonder in a city dominated by nature, was built in 1362 AD. In the 16th century, Rana Udai Singh II extended the lake.
Huge hills, majestic buildings, temples, and bathing ghats surround the lovely lake. The islands in Lake Pichola provide a variety of tourist attractions, therefore cruising in Lake Pichola is guaranteed to be a blast. The sunset views are breathtaking. A boat tour provides beautiful views of the city, especially in the evenings when you watch the sunset on your eyes and the city lights up. With the lights on, the palaces look lovely, and the view from the lake is amazing. In Udaipur Best places to visit is Lake Pichola.

Information for Visitors	
    - Famous for: Nature, Photography.
    - Tickets: Boat ride costs 340 INR for adults and 170 INR for children. A sunset boat ride would cost about 220 INR more.
    - Opening Timings: Open all days till sunset.
    - Duration: 1-2 hours.
Things to Do at Lake Pichola

    - Boat riding during sunset.
    - Stroll along the pathways surrounding the lake.
    - Visit the attractions like Lake Palace and Lake Garden Palace.

3. Lake Palace

About Lake Palace

Lake Palace, also known as Jag Niwas, is an architectural masterpiece and a popular wedding attraction in Udaipur. Maharana Jagat Singh II constructed the palace on the island of Jag Niwas in Lake Pichola in the year 1746. In the 1960s, it was renovated into a luxury hotel and is now part of the Taj luxury resorts. This breathtaking setting has also appeared in numerous Hollywood and Bollywood films.

Information for Visitors

    - Famous for: History, Weddings, Photography.
    - Tickets: Museum tour costs 75 INR, Crystal Gallery tour costs 500 INR and boat ride costs 450 INR.
    - Opening Timings: Open all days.
    - Duration: 1-2 hours.
Things to Do near Lake Palace

    - Have a luxurious meal in the many restaurants.
    - Boat Ride in Lake Pichola.
    - A tour of this historic heritage site.
    - Visit the nearby Jagdish temple nearby.
    - Enjoy the sunset at the nearby Lake Fatehsagar.

4. Lake Garden Palace

About Lake Garden Palace

When Shah Jahan sought asylum here in his youth, the Jagmandir or Lake Garden Palace is claimed to have served as an inspiration for the Taj Mahal. This palace has a lengthy history and is regarded as one of the Mughals’ and Rajputs’ friendship symbols. This palace has a magnificent feel to it thanks to a succession of stunning constructions that would delight any visitor.

Information for Visitors

    - Famous for: History, Architecture, Photography.
    - Tickets: A 30 min ride would cost 225 INR (adult) and 115 INR (child). An hour ride would cost 325 INR (Adult) and 115 INR (child).
    - Opening Timings: Open all days.
    - Duration: 1-2 hours.
Things to Do at Lake Garden Palace

    - Visit the flower garden.
    - Boat Ride in Lake Pichola.
    - Savour Rajasthani cuisine at the Darikhana restaurant.
    - Visit the museum in the complex.
    - Visit the nearby City Palace.

5. Vintage Car Museum

About Vintage Car Museum

The Royal Vintage Car Museum is a must-see for any tourist. It is a wonderland for all automobile lovers. It opened in February 2000 and has since become a very popular tourist destination. The museum features a number of well-known classic automobiles, including the 1934 Rolls-Royce Phantom, which was featured in the Bond film Octopussy, as well as a number of rare Rolls-Royce models, to name a few. The peace and tranquillity of this location are an extra treat.

Information for Visitors

    - Famous for: History, Automobiles, Photography.
    - Tickets: 250 INR for adults and 150 INR for children.
    - Opening Timings: Open all days (9 am to 9 pm).
    - Duration: 45 min.
Things to Do near Royal Vintage Car Museum

    - Have traditional Rajasthani thali at the Garden Hotel.
    - Vintage car tour.
    - Visit the nearby Gulab Bagh.

6. Bagore Ki Haveli

About Bagore Ki Haveli

Pichola Lake is nearby to Bagore Ki Haveli. Amir Chand Badwa, the Chief Minister of the Royal Court of Mewar, constructed the structure in the 18th century. In the year 1878, Maharana Shakti Singh of Bagore moved into the Haveli, giving it the name Bagore Ki Haveli. This was converted into a museum while maintaining the building’s royal appearance. The Mewar culture is displayed at the museum. Jewelry boxes, hand fans, metal jugs, and other items used by Rajputs are among the antiques on display. The huge structure contains approximately 100 rooms and boasts a remarkable architectural style. When you get there, make sure you show up for the evening performances.

Information for Visitors

    - Famous for: History, Architecture, Photography.
    - Tickets: 60 INR plus 100 INR additional charges for camera.
    - Opening Timings: Open all days (10am to 6:30 pm).
    - Duration: 1-2 hours.
Things to Do at Bagore Ki Haveli

    - Visit the museum in the haveli.
    - Witness the musical and folk dance shows.
    - Catch a theatre show at theatre ground.
    - Enjoy a puppetry show listen to folk tales.
    - View the beautiful sunset.
    - Shop for handicrafts, souvenirs and other artworks.

7. Saheliyon Ki Bari

About Saheliyon Ki Bari

The Saheliyon Ki Bari (Garden of Friends), built by Sangram Singh II as a present to the queen and her ladies, is a stunning sight to see. The king created the garden himself, hoping to create a relaxing environment for the queen and her 48 attendants. The garden still serves a purpose in many ways, and many visits it to get away from the city’s chaos.

Information for Visitors

    - Famous for: History, Architecture, Photography, Gardens.
    - Tickets: 10 INR for Indians and 50 INR for foreigners.
    - Opening Timings: Open all days (8am to 8pm).
    - Duration: 45 min.
Things to Do at Saheliyon Ki Bari

    - Walk through the gardens.
    - Visit the museum.
    - Have a meal at the multi cuisine restaurant, 1559 AD.

8. Jagdish Temple

About Jagdish Temple

Jagdish Temple, Udaipur’s largest temple, was built in 1651. This beautiful Indo-Aryan architectural masterpiece cost an estimated 1.5 million INR. It is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and contains temples to Lord Shiva, Ganesh, the Sun God, and Goddess Shakti, among others. This temple should be visited not only to offer your devotion but also to witness beautiful wall carvings, elephant sculptures, and stunning architecture.

Information for Visitors

    - Famous for: Pilgrimage, History, Architecture, Photography.
    - Tickets: No entry fee.
    - Opening Timings: Open all days (4:15 am to 1 pm & 5:15 pm to 8pm).
    - Duration: 45 min.
Things to Do near Jagdish Temple

    - Shop for handicrafts at the shopping complex.

9. Shilpgram

About Shilpgram

Shilpgram is a rural arts & crafts complex set up to promote Rajasthan’s traditional arts and crafts. It is situated on around 70 acres of land in the Aravali mountains. It employs a large number of rural craftspeople and is the site of numerous cultural festivals held on a regular basis. Another attraction is an open-air auditorium that serves as the focal point for many art festivals. Visit Shilpgram to learn about village life, enjoy art or dance performances, and shop to your heart’s content.

Information for Visitors

    - Famous for: Shopping, Photography, Village life.
    - Tickets: 30 INR for Indians and 50 INR for foreigners.
    - Opening Timings: Open all days (11 am to 7pm).
    - Duration: 2-3 hours.
Things to Do at Shilpgram

    - Eat at the Shilpi restaurant.
    - Shop at the Rural Arts and Crafts Complex.
    - Visit two museums near the shopping complex.
    - Enjoy theatre, art or dance showcases at the Amphitheatre.
    - Visit the Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary nearby.

10. Moti Magri

About Moti Magri

A beautiful bronze statue of Maharana Pratap on his beloved horse Chetak stands in Moti Magri as an appropriate tribute to Maharana Pratap and his beloved horse Chetak. It is located on a hilltop overlooking Fateh Sagar Lake and provides some very breathtaking views of not just the surrounding lakes but also Udaipur. Visit Moti Magri to learn about Maharana Pratap’s glorious history and to enjoy some truly breathtaking sights.

Information for Visitors

    - Famous for: Gardens, History, Architecture, Photography.
    - Tickets: 20 INR for adults and 10 INR for children.
    - Opening Timings: Open all days (9am to 6pm).
    - Duration: 0.5-1 hour.
Things to Do around Moti Magri

    - Visit the Moti Mahal museum.
    - Enjoy the Light and Sound show in the evening.
    - Visit the Japanese Rock Garden.
    - Visit the nearby Fateh Sagar Lake and Swaroop Sagar Lake.

Sajjan Garh (Monsoon Palace), Kesariyaji Temple, Sukhadia Circle, Neemach Mata Temple, and Karni Mata Temple are some of the other attractions nearby Udaipur.

Places to Visit Near Udaipur

1. NathdwaraDistance from Udaipur: 49 min (45.5 km).
2. HaldighatiDistance from Udaipur: 1 hr (53.2 km).
3. RanakpurDistance from Udaipur: 1 hr 52 min (94 km).
4. Kumbhalgarh FortDistance from Udaipur: 2 hr (86.0 km).
5. Mount Abu – Distance from Udaipur: 2 hr 43 min (163 km).

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