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Kutch, an almost entirely island with a shape resembling a tortoise, is an ex-princely state of India that still exhibits some of its former magnificence. With its enormous stretches of the white salt desert, Kutch is perhaps one of India’s most picturesque yet strange locations. The Rann Festival, which takes place worldwide from December to February and features massive camp settlements with cultural events, gatherings, and adventure activities like hot-air ballooning, brings the area to life in the winter. The desert and urban areas of Kutch are the best places to visit in Kutch because they offer the best tourist attractions. These are the top Kutch attractions that you absolutely must not miss if you have recently decided to visit. To learn more, keep reading:

Due to the extremely popular Rann Utsav held in the Rann of Kutch each year during the winter, Kutch’s fame has multiplied threefold. Huge numbers of people from all across the country and the world travel to Kutch for the Rann Utsav. It is a vibrant occasion that has helped Kutch stand out on the world map. The more you discover, the more you are pulled to its many mysteries. This is what makes Kutch such a Best place to visit in Gujarat.

Nearest Best Places To Visit In Kutch:

About Kutch

The largest district in India with the lowest population density in Kutch. Additionally, Kutch is located on the Pakistan-India border and offers views of some of Pakistan. Additionally well-known in Kutch are the Flamingo Sanctuary, the Wild Ass Sanctuary, and handicrafts and embroidery. The Rann of Kutch may be visited with ease from Bhuj. The lovely beaches in Mandvi, close to Bhuj, are also definitely worth visiting while you’re in Kutch. Don’t forget to visit Dholavira, an ancient town.

Best Places To Visit In Kutch

1. Great Rann Of Kutch

Rann of Kutch is a stunning wonder of sand and salt, bordered by the Thar Desert on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other. Of all the tourist destinations in Kutch, it is the most well-liked attraction. On evenings with a full moon, the desert sparkles and provides an amazing view. During the Rann Festival, a lot of tourists and culture lovers come here. In reality, there are several reasons why winter is a fantastic time to travel to Kutch. In addition to being one of the top tourist destinations in Kutch, this area is home to Siberian flamingos in the winter.


Things To Do: Rann Mahotsav, camel safari, and camping in tents
Entry fee: NA
Opening hours: 9:00 am to 10:00 pm

2. Kalo Dungar

The highest peak in Kutch, Kalo Dungar, provides a breathtaking perspective of the entire area, particularly the Rann and the Indo-Pak border. One of the most well-liked tourist destinations in Kutch is the highland, which is reachable from Khavda by buses or jeeps. Only specialists and professionals are advised to hike here.


Things To Do: The 400-year-old temple of Dattatreya- a three-headed incarnation of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Shiva
Entry fee: NA
Opening hours: 9:00 am to 10:00 pm

3. Topansar Lake

One of the captivating tourist destinations in Kutch is Topansar Lake, which is situated in the center of Mandvi city. The lake area is well-liked by the people for picnics as well as for energizing strolls and jogs. As many migratory birds can be seen during the winter, it is also a bird watcher’s heaven. Add this location to your list of must-sees in Kutch.


Things To Do: Spotting black-headed & few brown-headed gulls
Entry fee: None
Opening hours: Open 24/7

4. Kandla Port

Kandla Port, one of the main ports on the west coast, is best recognized for its extensive history among Kutch tourist attractions. It is situated by the Gulf of Kutch and engages in the commercial trading of salt, textiles, food grains, iron, chemicals, petroleum, and steel. one of Kutch’s top tourist destinations.


5. Mandvi Beach

Mandvi, one of Kutch’s most well-liked beach spots, has fantastic views of the water and the coastline. For a weekend retreat, the beach is serene and well-kept. Check out this well-known beach, one of the top Kutch attractions.


6. Dholavira

The Archeological Survey of India has discovered remnants of the Harappan civilization in Dholavira, also called Kotada Timba, one of the ancient sites in the Kutch region. In actuality, relics from every stage of the Harappan period (2900 BC to 1500 BC) have been discovered here. Dholavira is hence a favorite among history aficionados, students, and tourists who enjoy visiting unusual places in India.


7. Aina Mahal

One of Kutch’s breathtaking sights is the Aina Mahal, often known as the Palace of Mirrors. The palace, also known as the Madan Singhji Museum, features a variety of mirror works made from Venetian glass, marble, mirrors joined by jewelry sprinkles, and mirrored lighting. Indian and European design trends are reflected throughout the entire piece of art. In addition, the palace exhibits a variety of antiques, including artwork, mechanical toys, and sculptures.


8. Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary

For those who enjoy nature, Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary is another well-liked destination in the Rann of Kutch area. This biosphere reserve, which covers an area of 2797.7 sq miles, is home to rare and nearly extinct wild creatures such as the chinkara, jackals, wild boar, porcupine, desert fox, and spiny-tailed lizard.


9. Lakhpat Fort

A massive impressive fort wall guards the well-known Gujarati town of Lakhpat, and this is the majestic Lakhpat Fort, which draws a lot of tourists. Some people may just come to this town to hear the many legends that are connected to it, but others want to see this enormous building for themselves. The 7 km long fort walls, which were constructed in the 18th century, speak for themselves when it comes to the magnificence of this final settlement before the Indian border.


10. Dhinodhar Hills

Dhinodhar Hills, which are 75 kilometers from Bhuj and rise to a height of 380 meters. This gorgeous destination attracts tourists from all over the world with its scenic views, wetlands, and hiking trails. So, if you’re looking for some peace and quiet while in Kutch, travel to the magnificent Dhinodhar Hills. Moreover, this location is a great base for amazing trekking adventures.


How to reach Kutch

By flight

As the administrative center of Kutch, Bhuj is served by flights from the majority of Indian cities. Mumbai has daily flights that arrive here. The airport offers direct cab and auto rickshaw service to Kutch.

By Train

The rail route from here to Kutch is a very practical, economical, and comfortable mode of transportation. From Mumbai, one can travel a great distance and board the Kutch Express. Every major city in the nation has trains running to and from the rail line in Bhuj.

By Road

The experience of driving to Kutch is seen to be exciting. The city is connected to the surrounding areas via Highway No. 8. There are sporadic state and private bus services.

History of Kutch

Kutch has a long history that goes back to the Stone Age. In the Indus Valley sites, there have been remnants of its presence discovered. The village was referenced in early works by Alexander. Before the Mauryan Empire took control of it, it was ruled by the Greeks. A few dynasties, including the Western Satraps, Guptas, Chavdas, Chalukyas, and the Jadeja brothers, governed Kutch during the following several centuries. The last king, Rayadhan II, and his forefathers both discovered Kathiawar. Due to a military loss, the British took control of Kutch in 1819. Kutch was made a “dominion of India” after India gained independence, and it became a sovereign state in 1950. It merged with Bombay state in 1956.

Best Time to Visit Kutch

October through March is the ideal season to explore Kutch. Make sure these months are included in your travel dates to Kutch; else, you can experience less pleasant weather.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Places To Visit In Kutch

1. What is famous in Kutch?

The Great Rann of Kutch, a huge salt marsh desert in the heart of the Thar desert, is what makes Kutch famous. In addition, this location is hailed as one of the most important Indus Valley Civilization sites. Numerous tourists flock to India to experience the vibrancy of Kutch. Travelers are often left awestruck by its gorgeous highlands, milky deserts, and undeveloped beaches.

2. How far is Ahmedabad from Rann of Kutch?

Ahmedabad is 340 kilometers away from Rann of Kutch, which is easily accessible by road and train. This should be on your schedule so you can enjoy the stunning scenery.


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