Mysuru (Mysore): Karnataka – Things to Do & Best Places to Visit

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The second most populous and third largest city in Karnataka is Mysore, formerly Mysuru. Mysore, the former seat of the Kingdom of Mysore, is located directly at the base of the Chamundi Hills. Mysore has the title of Cultural Capital of Karnataka thanks to its rich cultural atmosphere.

One of the most famous tourist destinations in South India is Mysore. It was formerly known as Mysuru, and it is Karnataka’s biggest district. Mysore was the state of Karnataka’s former nickname, and it was formerly known as the “Kingdom of Mysorecapital. “The city is admired throughout the nation for its striking structures and monuments as well as it’s flashy imperial past. Perhaps what draws the majority of visitors here is the city’s palace, which is listed on the global heritage list.

Best Places to Visit in Mysore

1. Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace, one of the most well-liked tourist destinations in Mysore, was originally home to the Wodeyar dynasty emperors who governed Mysore for seven centuries. The palace receives more than 2.7 million tourists annually and is one of the biggest in India. It is a remarkable masterpiece due to its exquisite craftsmanship and outstanding architecture. You can travel across time to prior events through the doors and passageways. For all you history junkies out there, visiting the palace is one of the most alluring things to do in Mysore.
Pavilions, huge halls, and other shrines make up the palace. The palace is lavishly decorated during the most popular Dasara celebration to showcase the customs and culture of the time. When lit up by 98000 light bulbs at night, it is a magnificent sight that should be permanently imprinted in your memory.


Entry Fee: INR 40 per person for adults and INR 20 per person for children

2. Karanji Lake

The largest lake in Karnataka, which spans over 90 acres, is one of the most breathtaking tourist destinations in Mysore. The ideal place to take in the picturesque views of nature is Karanji Lake, which is located at the foot of the Chamundi hills. Additionally, the largest walk-through aviary in India, which is home to more than 70 different bird species, is another highlight of the lake. As a haven for migratory birds, it is a beautiful location for both nature and bird enthusiasts and one of the top tourist attractions in Mysore.


3. Chamundi Hills And Chamundeshwari Temple

One of the most well-liked tourist destinations in Mysore is Chamundi Hills, which attracts tourists from all over the world who are interested in nature, religion, and photography. Additionally, it is among the top locations for panoramic views of Mysore city. You have two options for getting to the top of the hill: via road or, for something more daring, by climbing the stone steps.

Spend some time in the temple on the peak if you’re on a spiritual quest. The oldest temple in the city, Mahabaleshwara, was built somewhere in the ninth century to honor Mahishasurmardini, a mythical figure who, in order to rescue the world, killed the monster Mahishasur.


13 kilometers from Mysore are the Chamundi Hills, which are home to the exquisitely carved Chamundeshwari Temple. There are 1000 steps to climb in order to get to the temple. The temple’s architecture is distinctive and striking, with a seven-tier gopuram and seven golden kalashes at the top. The temple is devoted to Goddess Durga and features an eight-handed image of her (also known as Ashta Bhujas). An excursion to the hills and the temple is the ideal way to spend a day in Mysore. One of the most well-known locations in Mysore to visit with family.

4. Brindavan Gardens

Just below the Krishna Raja Sagara dam are the Brindavan Gardens. It is a popular tourist destination for everyone who visits Mysore and the KRS Dam. It is additionally considered one of Karnataka’s most stunning gardens.

The musical fountain, which is scheduled for the evenings, is the most well-liked and thrilling experience in this park.


Brindavan Garden is unique in its sort and draws visitors from all over the world.

5. Railway Museum

As you enter the rail museum, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Mysore, you will have a very different kind of museum experience. This museum, which is situated nearby the city train station in Mysore, is the second of its sort after the first one in New Delhi.


It is equivalent to a thorough instructional and enlightening tour of the manufacturing and operation of locomotives in India. Ancient locomotives and carriages that are still in operation by the Indian Railways today are also on display in this museum.

6. Lalitha Mahal

Lalitha Mahal, the second-largest palace in Mysore, was initially constructed to host visitors of the royal family. One of the most lovely spots to visit in Mysore, it is situated at the base of Chamundi Hills and provides breathtaking views of the hills nearby. The palace’s beautiful interiors, which feature Persian carpets and chandeliers made of Belgian crystal, are breathtaking. The India Tourism Development Corporation now operates a heritage hotel in a portion of the palace that was once a palace (ITDC). Visit this palace to experience the regal atmosphere.


7. Chunchanakatte Falls

You might be surprised to learn that Mysore also contains a relatively small number of waterfalls that, although not very well-known, are a genuine treat for the eyes and soul. One of them is the Chunchanakatte Falls in the Mysore village of Chunchanakatte, which is situated above the River Kaveri. This river, which is completely unpolluted and serene, plunges from a height of 20 meters, splitting into two distinct waterfalls, before continuing as one river at the base.


8. Lingambudhi Lake

Lingambudhi Lake, a sparkling freshwater lake in the City of Palaces, is a center for abundant biodiversity. It is a favorite hangout place for city dwellers who love the outdoors because it is completely covered in thick vegetation. The area around the lake is one of the most pleasant spots to visit in Mysore and a terrific place to go for peace and quiet.


The main draw of this location is the diversity of bird species, largely because the area serves as a haven for many rare kinds of birds, including those from Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Expect to see Common Teal, Pied Avocet, Brown-headed Gull, and Verditer Flycatcher.

9. Shivanasamudra Falls

Take a tour of the Cauvery River’s source while you also see neighboring tourist attractions including Shivanasamudra, a waterfall that is a Cauvery River tributary. The Gaganachukki and Bharachukki falls are the two that makeup Shivanasamudra.


It is also one of the most well-known waterfalls in India as a whole, not only in the south. Being the first hydroelectric power plant in Asia, it is well-known.

10. KRS Dam ( Krishna Raja Sagara dam )

This city of palaces is most known for the Mysore palace and the Krishna Raja Sagara dam. This is a popular tourist destination close to Mysore that was built in 1924. Nearly all visitors to the palace in Mysore stop by the KRS dam to relax in its tranquil setting.


The Dam also has the distinction of being India’s first irrigation dam. One of the most picturesque tourist destinations around Mysore is thought to be the backwaters of the Krishna Raja Sagara dam.

Nearest Places to visit:

How to Reach Mysore ( Mysuru )?

By Air

11 kilometers from the city center Mysuru airport has flights from a few places, including Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Goa, and Kochi. Two adjacent international airports having superior flight connectivity are Bengaluru and Kannur. (180 and 160 kilometers, respectively, from Mysuru).

BY Train

There is a train station in Mysuru, and it connects to Bengaluru and Mangaluru. The Shatabdi Express travels from Bengaluru to Mysuru in roughly two hours.

Places to visit near Mysore

Here are some of the places to visit near Mysore:

  1. Ooty -197 km from Mysore
  2. Coorg – 106 km from Mysore
  3. Bheemeshwari – 151 km from Mysore
  4. Chikmagalur – 177 km from Mysore
  5. Srirangapatna – 17 km from Mysore

Frequently Asked Questions about Mysore ( Mysuru )

1. Is Mysore worth visiting?

Mysore is true of a visit. This is due to the fact that it offers a large number of historical sites for those who enjoy history and architecture, in addition to many gardens and parks for those who enjoy the outdoors.

2. Does Mysore have any beaches?

No, Mysore doesn’t have a beach.

3. What things are famous in Mysore?

Mysore Pak, Sandalwood products, Incense Sticks, Silk sarees, Khadi products, Coffee, Mysore Paintings, and many more items are among the most well-known commodities to purchase from Mysore.

4. When is the best season and time of year to visit Mysore?

The monsoon and winter months are the finest times to visit Mysore because of the nice weather. The summer months are not excellent for sightseeing and travel, so they are not chosen.

5. What are the best things to do in Mysore?

Varuna Lake offers rafting, kayaking, and jet skiing; Nagarhole National Park offers Jeep safaris; Chamundi Hills offers trekking and mountain camping; etc. are some of the best adventurous activities to really experience Mysore.

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