Best Places to visit Arunachal Pradesh

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Arunachal Pradesh, the most northeastern state of India, is one of the least known and explored regions of our nation but is home to some of the most beautiful sites to visit. It is surrounded by Tibet, Myanmar, and Bhutan. You can’t help but fall in love with Arunachal Pradesh because of the state’s stunning natural landscapes. You won’t regret investing in exploring Arunachal Pradesh, I can assure you of that!

Arunachal Pradesh is one of the most beautiful states on the Indian subcontinent. Some of India’s most well-known hill stations and tourist attractions are found in this state, which is entirely within the Himalayas. The Kangto peak, which rises 7,060 meters above mean sea level, is Arunachal’s highest point. To experience its majesty beauty and comfortable climate, tourists go to Arunachal Pradesh nearly every day of the year.

Nearest Places to visit:

About Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh’s name literally translates as “country of the dawn-lit mountains.” This lovely vacation destination, which is found in the far eastern region of the Indian Territory, is known for its lush valleys and exceptional aesthetics. This unrivalled treasure trove of attractiveness is enhanced by cascading waterfalls, sparkling lakes, and magnificent mountaintops.

Surprisingly, this serene location’s natural splendor is unaltered, and some areas are entirely uninhabited. Arunachal has a serene environment and healthy weather that add to its peacefulness because it is free of the irritating chaos of daily city life. To fully discover the hidden riches, ardent tourists must journey to this far-off North-Eastern State.

So, on your enchanted trip to Arunachal Pradesh, you will have a variety of possibilities to select from, regardless of whether you are an active adventurer or a spiritual enthusiast. Welcome to the pristine sun’s home in India!

Best tourist places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh

1. Ziro

In Arunachal Pradesh’s Lower Subansiri district is the lovely, green town of Ziro. The village is currently recognised as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites for its unique Apatani cultural landscape. The Apa Tani tribe calls the little village of Ziro home. This little hill town is one of the popular tourist destinations in India’s Arunachal Pradesh due to the picturesque rice fields and woods that surround it.


Numerous people are drawn to the area for various adventure sports including trekking and camping in addition to the lovely climate. Your trip will certainly be one of the nicest you’ve ever had thanks to the lush hills and incredible warmth of the Ziro locals. You may get to Ziro Valley from Itanagar by taking the Joram, Palin, Sangram, and Koloraing Roads.

2. Tawang

Tawang is situated in Itanagar, the state of Arunachal Pradesh’s capital. The Tawang Monastery, established in the 17th century by Mera Lama Lodre Gyatso, is the town’s most well-known landmark. In addition, the Dalai Lama sought refuge at the monastery after fleeing Tibet.


Tawang is encircled by the Himalayas and is located at an elevation of more than 3000 meters above mean sea level. Panga Teng Tso Lake, the Giant Buddha Statue, Taktsang Gompa Tawang, Chazzam Bridge, and other stunning locations can be found in Tawang. You can travel to Tawang and stay there in either opulent resorts or modest homestays, both of which provide breathtaking views of the mountains nearby.

How to reach Tawang

The scenic NH13 route connects Itanagar, in Arunachal Pradesh, with Tawang.

3. Itanagar

The major city and state capital of Arunachal Pradesh are Itanagar. The city is one of the most beautiful hill stations in the nation and is situated in the foothills of the Himalayas. One of the major tourist destinations in the area and a popular destination all year round is the medieval Ita Fort.

The area is particularly well-known for the magnificent pine forests that line all of the city’s streets and residential areas. Itanagar is easily accessible by road from several locations in India as well as internationally. Ita Fort, Indira Gandhi Park, Gompa, etc. are a few of the well-liked attractions in this area. Nearby to this city is the Namdapha National Park.

How to reach Itanagar

The most efficient way to get from Guwahati to Itanagar is via car along NH 27.

4. Pasighat

In Arunachal Pradesh, Pasighat is a component of the East Siang district. On the Himalayan slopes, the town is situated at a mere 155 meters above mean sea level. One of Arunachal’s oldest towns is Pasighat. In imperial India, Pasighat was built in 1911 AD as a retreat for Englishmen. When Itanagar and Shillong became the capital cities, the town’s value quickly decreased.


The town is still one of the top tourist destinations in Arunachal, nevertheless, thanks to its unspoiled natural beauty. The town will give you a singular view of the mountains and some much-needed relief from the hectic pace of city life.
The Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary, Penguin, and Kekar Monying are some of Pasighat’s top tourist attractions.

5. Roing

Roing is situated in Arunachal Pradesh’s Lower Dibang Valley. This charming little town is well renowned for its stunning woodlands and lakes, which change color throughout the year. It is a significant town in Arunachal and has a typical hill station population density.

It is situated close to the Assam border and is quite simple to reach by road. The town is a significant center for adventure sports, particularly trekking and hiking. You must visit Deopani Park, Roing Zoo, Nijomaghat, Chimiri Fort, and other attractions while in Roing. One of the main tourist destinations in Arunachal Pradesh is the Mehao Lake, which is a must-see. The NH 15 and NH 515 highways connect Itanagar to Roing, which is located in a somewhat rural area.

6. Bomdila

Bomdila is situated in the Arunachal Pradesh state’s West Kameng district. The town is located at an average elevation of 2415 meters, and the Aka (Hrusso), Miji (Sajalong), Monpa, Sherdukpen, and Khawas tribes call it home. The district is reachable from Tawang by the NH13 route, which is only about 180 kilometers away.


Due to its beautiful beauty and breathtaking views of the hills, the city, which has a moderate population, attracts a lot of tourists. Tourists can tour the town’s several Buddhist monasteries, which are all located there. Bomdila View Point, Bomdila Monastery, Ethnographic Museum, RR Hills, and Gentse Garden Rabgyel Ling (GRL) Monastery should all be seen if you’re in the area.

7. Anini

Anini is a town in the Dibang Valley district of Arunachal Pradesh that is adjacent to Roing. Anini is a small, isolated town that has little development because of bad connectivity. Its pristine and unknown scenery is what distinguishes it as one of the top Arunachal tourism destinations for visitors, nonetheless.

Not for the timid, Anini is a hidden gem in Arunachal. You must travel through unsteady roads to get there after traveling along NH 313 from Roing. You can visit locations like Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary by taking several well-known trekking paths into the town’s interior.

8. Sela Pass

Arunachal Pradesh is home to the Sela Pass, a high-altitude mountain pass. The pass, which is at the intersection of the Tawang and West Kameng districts, connects Tawang to Dirang and Guwahati at a height of 4170 meters. Via NH13, you may go to the pass from Tawang City.

The pass doesn’t allow much flora to grow around it because it is nearly always covered in snow. Aside from the pass itself, the Sela Lake, which lies close to the peak, is a revered location in Tibetan Buddhism. From Tawang, you can go to Sela Pass and back on the same day. Due to hazardous weather conditions, keep in mind that there are no provisions for staying at the pass.

9. Parshuram Kund

Remember to take part in the Makar Sankranti Mela at Parshuram Kund if you plan on visiting the mystic country of Arunachal Pradesh in January. Parshuram Kund, a well-known Hindu pilgrimage site renowned for its alluring natural setting, is situated 13 kilometers northeast of Tezu. This sacred spot is easily accessible by road from Tinsukia and Dibrugarh and should be visited from November to February for the greatest views. To achieve penance, take a bath in Brahma Kund’s sacred water.

10. Daparijo

Visit Daparijo if you enjoy exploring tranquil and serene surroundings. It is among the top tourist destinations in Arunachal Pradesh. You will feel driven to stay here permanently because the vistas are so rejuvenating. The Subansiri River, rice fields, and bamboo forests provide a setting for exhilarating outdoor pursuits including caving, hiking, rafting, and trekking. For a distinctive cultural experience, come here during the annual Si Donyi festival in January.

How to reach Arunachal Pradesh

By Flight: The best option for international travelers is to fly into Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport in Guwahati, which is the closest international airport to Arunachal Pradesh. You can also take domestic flights from any location in India to Guwahati Airport.

By Train: Due to its mountainous terrain and lack of a railway network, Arunachal is inaccessible by rail. The Guwahati Station, which has connections to various regions of India, is the closest railway station. To get to Arunachal Pradesh, you must first get to Guwahati or Tezpur station and then take a taxi.

By Road: From Guwahati, travelers can follow the NH715 highway to reach Arunachal Pradesh by car. The entire walk is breathtaking and offers a clear view of the lush hillside.

other tourist Attraction near Arunachal Pradesh

  1. Mechuka
  2. Hayuliang
  3. Tezu
  4. Dirang
  5. Bumla Pass

Best time to visit Arunachal Pradesh

The optimum months to explore this stunning location are between October and April. At this time, the state is in its winter and spring seasons. This state generally has good weather because of its higher height. So, you can travel to this state. You should exercise some caution throughout the summer months because it may be too hot to explore any peaks during the day.

Things to do in Arunachal Pradesh

  • Trekking
  • Sightseeing
  • Rafting
  • Trying Cuisines
  • Rafting
  • Fishing
  • Caving
  • Angling
  • Paragliding
  • Mounta in Biking
  • River Crossing

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Places To Visit In Arunachal Pradesh

1. Is there snow in Arunachal Pradesh?

One of the places in India that hasn’t been thoroughly studied is Arunachal Pradesh. They frequently don’t receive the media attention or attention that other locations do. There are numerous versions available here. You have a lot of snow, wildlife, and lush vegetation. Yes, snow does fall in Arunachal Pradesh throughout the winter. In the winter, it also turns entirely white.

2. In which language is Arunachal Pradesh spoken?

This state has a linguistic diversity of almost 90 languages. They include Nyishi, Bengali, Nepali, Hindi, Monpa, Assamese, Tangsa, Mishmi, Mishing, and Nocte, among others.

3. What is the main food of Arunachal Pradesh?

Apong, often known as rice beer, is the staple meal of Arunachal Pradesh. Fermented rice or millet is used to make it. Arunachal Pradesh is home to a sizable rice beer industry. You can also get this in several flavours. Along with fish, pork, and other green vegetables, rice is the most common food item here.


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