Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh – Best places to visit, Things to Do, How to reach, Trekking, Paragliding & All Activities

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In the middle of the Himalayas, close to the well-known tourist attraction of Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh, is Bir-Billing, a paragliding location. “First Paragliding World Cup of India” was taking place. This event occurred in October of 2015. ”
500 free-flying pilots and 150 of the top paragliding pilots in the world compete in the world cup. Many local paragliding pilots took advantage of this excellent opportunity to showcase their abilities.

Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh

Paragliding, trekking to Himachali tribal settlements, mountain biking, angling, and camping are all options at Bir Billing.

Bir is 70 kilometers from Macleodganj and Dharamshala. Billing, which is located 14 km north of Bir, serves as the starting point for the Thamsar Pass hike. The Bada Bhangal trek takes you to Himachal Pradesh’s most tribal region. Bir, which is mostly a Buddhist community, has a monastery and a center for Tibetan handicrafts.

About Bir Billing

It is Asia’s second-best paragliding spot and the paragliding capital of India. The location provides the ideal adrenaline rush because one can switch between several adventure sports. Additionally, it’s a great location for a weekend trip. The 14 km distance from Bir to Billing can be traveled by foot or by car. Paragliding is a sport that begins in Billing and descends to the Landing Site in Bir. The two locations are together known as Bir Billing, and there is an elevation difference of about 800 m.

Best Places to Visit in Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh

1. Palpung Sherabling Monastery

Although the Tai Situ Panchen was built in 1917, the Buddhist culture that now exists here dates back to the 12th century. Tai Situ was a Buddhist, and the Dalai Lama’s memory is honored by the construction of this monastery. Monks continue to receive extraordinary enlightenment today. You will instantly feel as though you have arrived in Tibet once you arrive here.


This monastery is located 5 kilometers from Bir in the village of Bhattu. In the morning and evening, mantras can be heard echoing here.

2. Tsering Jong Monastery

Jigme Lingpa began construction on the monastery in 1762. The most well-known monastery in Bir Billing is Tsering Jong. There are several Buddhist sculptures everywhere you look in this area. In this monastery, there is a lot of tranquilly. And there are numerous Buddhist monks in this area. Coming here will fill you with a lot of wonderful energy.


3. Nyingyang monastery

This monastery was constructed in 1977 and is a senior Buddhist institution. Numerous Buddhist monks travel here to finish their education. Here, you can experience these monks’ entire lives. With this, you’ll observe a lot of young kids meditating in this area.


A monks’ dorm is located on each of the monastery’s four sides, while the lovely Nyingyang Monastery itself is located in the center. It has some excellent carving on it. In this place, even in a very peaceful setting, you can feel the culture.

Things to do in Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh

1. Paragliding

Paragliding is very popular in Bir billing. Numerous individuals come here each year to enjoy paragliding. In addition to this, a 4-week paragliding course is available. You learn how to paraglide solo in this paragliding training. You must invest two thousand rupees to paraglide. 500 rupees are for videography, and 1500 rupees are for paragliding.
You can get a fantastic view of the sunset if you go paragliding just before sunset. Such an event will live with you forever.


2. Trekking

When you’re in the mountains, what else can you do that is more fun and adventurous than go trekking? If you love adventure and have always wanted to go trekking, Bir Billing is the spot for you.


Numerous excursions and vacation packages are available that start at about 8,000 rupees per person and provide a thorough tour of Bir and the area’s attractions. You can camp out and embark on morning hikes with trained guides providing sufficient supervision.

3. Hiking

Bir Billing also offers trekking opportunities. There are numerous locations in Bir that are regarded as ideal for trekking. Hiking is pretty fantastic because of the rivers, mountains, ponds, and forests that are around. You can also work with a local guide for the greatest hikes.


4. Camping

There are several areas to camp, but one popular option is a connected camping zone. Camping is available here for 500 to 2000 Indian rupees. You receive a tent house, bonfires, and free meals when you go camping. You can remain here for a few days and thoroughly investigate Bir Billing.


5. Cycling

If you want to pedal on the green grass medal, you can do it in these lovely litigants. So, you’ll be able to rent bicycles. The activity I enjoy most is cycling. Such a location is wonderful for cycling. Here, you may choose from a variety of cycles, which cost between 300 and 500 INR per day.


You can ride a bicycle throughout the entire Bir Billing if you’d like. That would be a pleasant experience. You will love it more if you ride a bicycle to all the places, monasteries, and sunset locations.

Some other things to do in Bir Billing

  1. Travel by toy train
  2. Explore the Cafe
  3. Visit the Chowgan Tea Garden
  4. Shop at Bir Road
  5. Visit the Barot Valley

Best time to visit Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh

From October through June, you are welcome to visit. Many activities that are done in various seasons can be done here. You should travel between October and December to the parachute. Additionally, you can go hiking, camping, and trekking throughout the year. Steer clear of the wet season. Due to the numerous landslides that are constantly occurring, all operations have been put on hold.
Camping, hiking, and trekking can all be done at any time. However, you will have access to paragliding from 7 am to 4 pm. It is possible to parachute seven days a week. The temperature ranges from 11 to 25 degrees in bir.

How to reach Bir Billing?

  • Nearby Bus Stop: Bir Billing is the closest bus stop to Tibetan Colony. The distance is only 2.9 kilometers.
  • Nearby Railway Station: The closest railway station to Bir Billing is Pathankot. The distance is only 142 kilometers.
  • Nearby Airport: The closest airport to Bir Billing is Gaggal Airport. The distance is only 67.8 kilometers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bir Billing

1. What is the most popular in Bir Billing?

The most popular activity in Bir Billing is paragliding.

2. In Bir Billing, how many monasteries are there?

There are more than ten monasteries in Bir Billing. The three most well-known monasteries are Nyingyang Monastery, Tsering Jong Monastery, and Palpung Sherabling Monastery.

3. What is the best time to visit Bir Billing?

You can visit this location from October to December and from March to June.


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