Haunted Dumas Beach, Surat – Gujarat

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One of the most popular tourist attractions is Dumas Beach Surat. It is well-known among both locals and tourists for its infamously dark sand and for being haunted. Because of the multiple stories of disappearances and paranormal activity on this black sand beach, it has gained a lot of popularity. It is also regarded as one of India’s most haunted locations.

The distance between Surat and the seashore in Gujarat, India, is only 13 miles. Dumas Beach is one of the beautiful beaches in Surat. By day, it might resemble the “house of God.” It is, nevertheless, a paradise for the devil.

Every day, throngs of visitors and travelers rush to the beach, but as it gets dark, you won’t see anyone roaming about. Anyone who attempts to spend the night on the beach either doesn’t return or experiences worse things.

Dumas beach, which is situated near the Arabian Sea, is well known for its eerie reputation. Additionally, it is well known for its black sand.
The beach is undoubtedly visually stunning, but it also has an evocatively dismal quality. The unfavorable emotion that comes with it cannot be avoided. After sunset, a lot of alleged paranormal activity has been reported.

Numerous locals and visitors who elected to explore the beach after sundown are reported to have vanished from Dumas Beach.

On dumas beach, a man’s body was found with his tongue protruding. Nobody has been able to determine the cause of such bad luck up until this point.

Additionally, weird sounds like someone laughing or crying when no one else is around have been heard, according to several people.

Third Most Haunted Place in India, Dumas Beach (Surat)

Both its black sand and its reputation as one of India’s most haunted locations make Gujarat’s Dumas beach noteworthy. The beach was formerly a “Hindu burial place,” and locals think that the ghosts who didn’t find eternal peace still walk here at night.

How to Reach Dumas Beach

The beach can be reached in a variety of ways. 20 kilometers separate the city of Surat from dumas beach.

Dumas Beach Attractions

  • The Dariya Ganesh Temple, an old temple, is located close to the major beach.
  • Some food stands provide regional specialties, including bhajiyas, in addition to the standard street fare like pav bhaji, sweet corn, and Chinese food. In addition to these shops, there are many dining establishments offering various cuisines.
  • A few restrooms can also be found close to Morarji Desai Circle.

Need to Know before going Dumas Beach

  • Due to many myths, avoid wandering the beach after dusk. Even at night, police officers are out on patrol in this area.
  • Stay with little children the entire time they are there.
  • Sample the delectable bhajiiyas available at the food stands.
  • Whether there is a full moon or not, visit this beach during high tides to experience the magnificence of the ocean.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dumas Beach

1. Is Dumas Beach closed down after night?

Dumas Beach is best enjoyed during the daytime hours only. At night, you are not allowed.

2. Why is the sand at Dumas Beach black?

The burnt bodies’ ash stained the sand, and many of their ghosts now prowl the shore.

3. Where is Dumas Beach located?

The Dumas Beach is located 13 miles southwest of Surat along the Arabian Sea in Gujarat, a state in Western India. With black sand encircling it, it is without a doubt one of the most scenic and beautiful beaches.


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