Top 10 Places to Visit in Monsoon in India | Best Monsoon Destinations in India

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When you’re on vacation, the monsoon is one of the ideal times of year to take in the splendor of every exotic region of India that delivers ecstasy, beauty, and divine delight. Rains have the power to transform your dread into a little more adventure, even though many may not feel it is particularly safe to travel during the monsoon. The mountains’ rich vegetation, the lakes’ overflowing brilliant water, and the drive around the waterfall all combine to produce an idyllic view that is impossible to resist. A list of the top 10 Best Monsoon Destinations in India can be found here.

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You can choose from a variety of locations when it comes to Places to Visit in India During Monsoon for an unforgettable vacation. The monsoons bring out the best of Incredible India by covering the mountains and slopes in lush vegetation, filling the lakes with glistening water, and transforming the waterfalls into magnificent spectacles.

Here is the list of Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Monsoon in India

1. Andaman and Nicobar islands:

You must select the Andaman and Nicobar Tour Package while looking for enjoyable activities to do in India during the monsoon. This monsoon, the vista is sure to astound you with its 570 or so islands, captivating animals, and exhilarating water sports.

  • Importance: Aside from the fact that you may engage in a variety of water sports there, the sunset and dawn are two of the nicest sights to take in.
  • Things to do: Visiting Havelock Island, Baratang, and Radhanagar beach will help you to get the experience.

2. Coorg:

The all-weather traveler in you will love Coorg’s lush foliage, gently sloping hills, and nearly perfect climate. The monsoon season brings marvelous delights to Coorg, which is sometimes referred to as one of the rainiest areas in India. Be cautious of slippery slopes and rocky spots when exploring the stunning countryside because gushing waterfalls and overflowing rivers are frequent sights. From June through August, when rain is most frequent and severe, the weather is ideal for reading a book and sipping hot tea. Getting soaked in the rain at least once is the best experience for the more daring. Famous for being a honeymoon resort, Coorg is also well-liked by newlyweds. For young couples, a leisurely stroll down a road that has been soaked in rain is strongly advised.


3. The Valley of Flowers:

This National Park, which can be found in the state of Uttarakhand, is the habitat of a wide range of alpine animals and plants. The time from late June to early September is without a doubt the finest time to explore this gorgeous place, despite the fact that there is typically little precipitation in the area. The awe-inspiring sight of hundreds of flowers in full bloom will likely rival anything you’ve ever seen when you arrive. One of the few routes there is a difficult 15 km hike, so you might wish to pack the necessary equipment. Keep an eye out, and if you’re fortunate, you might even see the shy snow leopard or an Asiatic black bear, among other animals. It is one of the most attractive spots to visit in India during the monsoon season on this list since the heavy rain and fog only enhance the breathtaking beauty of the landscape.


4. Goa:

Goa is well-liked all year round, but the monsoon season is it’s most alluring. Apart from the numerous beaches, few visitors truly take advantage of the delights that quirky locations in Goa have to offer during the rainy season because it is off-season. Take a walk off the main road and explore some of South Goa’s old churches instead, or if you’re feeling very daring, go crab fishing and hunting with the locals, as most beaches are off-limits due to high tide and choppy waves. Observe how your surroundings change as the lush vegetation turns vibrant green in all directions and allow its relaxing impact to sweep over your senses. Enjoy a few months of the year’s worth of Goa’s calm and tranquillity.


5. Spiti valley

In spite of the fact that there are many sites to visit in India during the monsoon, this is one of the best. Little Tibet is a well-known name for this location. The region appears pristine and captivating during the rainy season.

  • Importance: This location has a magical aura about it that makes it a fantastic getaway choice for adventurous travelers during the rainy season.
  • Things to do: You can enjoy river rafting while viewing the flora and fauna. One of the best foods to eat is momo, a Tibetan delicacy similar to noodles.

6. Shillong

In India, there are many locations to visit during the monsoon season, but Shillong is one of the best. Shillong, sometimes known as the “Scotland of East,” is a suitable representation of rare natural beauty.

  • Importance: Shillong enjoys the milder climate all year round due to its location amid the undulating pine-covered hills.
  • Things to do: You can hear the wind whispering through the lush forests here during the monsoon, and the land is alive and rhythmically musical.

7. Ranikhet

This is one of the most stunning locations among the many lovely places to visit in India during the monsoon, hidden at a height of 6,000 feet above sea level. This charming tiny village has always retained its old-world charm among the stunning Kumaon hills.

  • Importance: You can get an amazing view of the Himalayas from this area. You will get the chance to take an enthralling stroll among the cedar and pine woods thanks to it.
  • Things to do: Try your hand at golfing pleasure at the Golf Course and seek the blessings of God at one of the many temples nearby Ranikhet.

8. Udaipur

This is regarded as one of the most picturesque locations in India to visit during the monsoon season. If you go here in the monsoon season, you can enjoy the rain while also getting an amazing view over the city of Udaipur.

  • Importance: Here, you can enjoy a camel safari or stroll along a beautiful lake like Pichhola Lake with the Aravalli hills in the background.
  • Things to do: ride the ropeway for enchanting aerial vistas and see the historic Bagore-ki-Haveli.

9. Kerala:

Even in a downpour, God’s Own Country is nothing short of spectacular. The monsoons of Kerala are a sight to behold, with 120–140 wet days on average each year thanks to the help of the rain Gods. Drive around the lush countryside to take in the scenery, or for a unique experience, ride on the notorious back waterways while relaxing in a traditional houseboat. To relax and enjoy the fact that this truly is paradise on earth, treat yourself to a visit to one of the many Ayurvedic spas. The best spots to visit in Kerala during the monsoon include Alleppey, Munnar, Kovalam, and Thekkady.


10. Araku Valley:

Araku Valley, which is away from all the commercial tourist hotspots, has a lot to offer and is especially well-liked by vacationers looking for something a little unusual. There are several options for sights to explore, including the Borra caves, known for their stalactites and stalagmites. The Katiki waterfalls, which are renowned for their natural beauty, are located about 4 kilometers from the caves. Pick a picnic location and take in the monsoon season’s best of nature.


Things to bring (Carry) in Monsoon

The appropriate footwear is crucial when visiting India during the monsoon season. Flip-flops aren’t the ideal choice because they only cause the dirt to flip up against your legs as you walk. Any sandals with a rear strap to keep the shoes on your feet and are constructed of durable rubber are a wonderful idea.

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While some people prefer wearing gum boots, others may find them to be overly warm and cumbersome to carry. Therefore, spend some money on high-quality rubber sandals or browse the marketplaces once you get there because locals are the most knowledgeable about navigating the rainy streets.

Both thin, lightweight clothing that dries rapidly and a thin, breathable rain jacket is necessary. Because the sun can be very intense during the monsoons, pack clothing that completely covers your skin. To make your trip easier, include a raincoat and an umbrella in your luggage. Because mosquitoes accompany the rain, it is vital to have insect repellent. If you’re traveling somewhere that gets a lot of rain, consider buying a mosquito net and carrying insect repellant. Avoid being bitten because, despite the low likelihood, there is still a potential you could contract malaria or dengue. Pack rain coverings as well to protect your bags.

We truly hope our article has shown you the advantages of visiting India during the monsoon season. You may always pass the time the Indian way by having a conversation, reading a book or watching a good Bollywood movie while sipping on a hot cup of chai if you do find yourself confined indoors until a shower subsides.


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