Ananthagiri Hills – Telangana

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In the Indian state of Telangana’s Ranga Reddy district, Ananthagiri Hills lies 10 kilometres from Vikarabad. Osman Sagar and Himayathsagar’s primary water supply is found in the hills. It is regarded as one of the Telangana region’s dense woodlands. In addition to being the birthplace of the Musi River, this forested area is home to the well-known temple of Ananthagiri. It is located about 90 kilometres from Hyderabad City and is a well-liked trekking and adventure destination. It is also regarded as one of South India’s early human habitat regions. The history of the region may be seen in the old caves, mediaeval fort-like constructions, and ancient temples.

It is a highly sought-after location with red soil that is perfect for various adventurous activities. It is regarded by visitors as one of the most stunning locations for a weekend getaway from Hyderabad. The route, which leads through lush forests with lovely trees and streams all along the way, is in fantastic condition. If you take a 2 km detour near the lighthouse, you can get to the highest point in the Vikarabad area, which provides a fantastic vantage point. A visit to Vikarabad on a gloomy day with some drizzle is simply a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and it is a less expensive alternative to Ooty in the summer.

The Hairtha Resort at Ananthagiri Hills, which offers a daily rate of INR 1500, is one option for lodging in Ananthagiri Hills. Deccan Trails is the other. A restaurant run by the Haritha Valley Resort serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian fare. This area is covered in dense foliage, little rivulets, and lovely streams with pure water. It also has a small reservoir and a walk through the lush, green rainforest.

Best Places To Visit In Ananthagiri Hills Telangana

1. Ananthagiri Temple

The Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple is a temple devoted to Lord Vishnu, the protector, and is also known by that name. The temple, which was established about 400 years ago by the Nawab of Hyderabad, is one of India’s best instances of interfaith peace. It is a notable building in the area. Each year, thousands of followers come to this shrine to seek Lord Vishnu’s blessings.

2. Ananthagiri Hills Viewpoint

One of the best places for travellers to visit and take in the breathtaking splendour of the hills from above is this location, also known as Godamguda Viewpoint. Furthermore, it is not at all difficult to travel up to the site. When you get there, you can spend time together, make memories of Ananthagiri’s lush green backdrop, and enjoy the cool air.

3. Kotepally Reservoir

Kotipally is a fantastic location to visit if you want activities close to the hills. For as little as INR 150 per person, you may enjoy activities like lakeside camping, kayaking, and boating. Of course, as time passes and you choose other activities, the cost will fluctuate.

4. Tyda Park

For a more gradual exposure to the wilderness, this location is ideal to start with. Here, birds and animals are allowed to graze freely in front of guests and campers. In reality, playing some enjoyable games and camping here make the trip worthwhile. The park is a wonderful haven for those adventure seekers who also seek quiet from the outside world.

5. Bhavanasi Lake

The lake, which came from the Nallamala Hills and is regarded as sacred and a southern Badrinath, was considered to strengthen God’s trust by holy immersion. Many people come to this location to take a plunge in the holy waters where the holy bath is done.

6. Musi River

This river, which serves as a lifeline for the area around Hyderabad, is said to have originated in these hills near Vikarabad. It is a tributary of the more powerful river of Krishna, which flows through the hills and the entire state of Telangana, and is also known as the Muchukunda River after a sage by that name. The Musi River, which is unquestionably one of the locations to visit in Ananthagiri Hills, must be chosen if you want to visit a sacred river.

7. The Borra Hills And Caves

The Borra Caves are located on India’s east coast in the Araku Valley and Ananthagiri Hills of the Visakhapatnam district. William King, a British geologist, found this million-year-old cave in 1807, and it has since become a popular tourist destination. Visitors are treated to a visual feast by the amazing steep topography, lovely surroundings, semi-evergreen wet deciduous forests, and the wild animals of the Borra Caves. As the river flows pass through a calcareous environment, calcium carbonate changes into calcium bicarbonate, which is easily washed out by flowing water, creating the caves as a marvellous work of nature. Consider visiting one of the mysterious yet intriguing locations in Ananthagiri Hills. These are the Borra Hills and Caves.

8. Galikonda Viewpoint

Not from here would the valley appear more beautiful. From 3,800 feet, the views are stunning and breathtaking. You can take this journey to many surrounding sights, including the Tadimada Waterfalls, Araku Waterfalls, and Katiki Waterfalls. On this holiday, take in the tranquil sights and let go of all your worry while taking in the scenery from this elevated position. By engaging in one of the fun activities in Ananthagiri Hills that will wow your eyes with the breathtaking views at Galikonda viewpoint, you may experience the magnificence of nature.

9. Katiki Waterfalls

You may enjoy the water stream that cascades from a height of 50 feet nearby Borra Caves after a 2-kilometre hike. The waterfall is a popular tourist destination and has beautiful views. On your trip, you can take breathtaking photos and have coffee while taking in the breathtaking scenery. Trekking, which is a lot of fun and adventurous, is one of the activities to do in the Ananthagiri Hills.

10. Tribal Museum

Visitors to Araku will learn about the city’s other features through this interactive tour, which will also sell locally made gifts. You might even try firing in tribal fashion just for fun. The Araku Tribal Museum is a treasure trove that displays the history, great art, and custom of the Eastern hat tribes. One can see the local indigenous’ way of life by looking through their other things, which include items that originally belonged to the tribal people. Additionally, handicrafts produced by tribe members in the area are available for sale to tourists. Want to learn more about the customs and history of Ananthagiri Hills? The Tribal Museum, a repository for handicrafts, is one of the attractions in Ananthagiri Hills.

How To Reach Ananthagiri Hills Telangana?

By Air –

The closest airport to the Ananthagiri Hills is in Hyderabad, which is connected to important cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, etc. From Hyderabad, a cab may be rented to travel the remaining 100 miles to the Ananthagiri Hills.

By Train-

From Srikakulam to Anantgiri, you can travel by rail through the mesmerising Eastern Ghats, one of the highest long-gauge railways in the nation.

By Road –

Hyderabadi bikers occasionally travel these highways for a different type of entertainment and pull over where they are instructed to do so by heart. Depending on the needs of the party size, people on family vacations can take a bus or cab.

Interesting Facts About Ananthagiri Hills Telangana

  • Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple is one of the exciting locations in Ananthagiri Hills that is ideal for religious travellers from all around India.
  • If you’re up for an adventure, consider planning a hike through the hills. Trekking will take you through woodlands on routes where you can even get a close-up view of many species.
  • The Musi river, which is in the Himalayas and is a holy stream that draws pilgrims and visitors from all across India, is the most revered river in the Ananthagiri Hills.

Best Time To Visit Ananthagiri Hills Telangana

Winter temperatures in the Ananthagiri Hills range from 16 to 22 degrees Celsius, and Ananthagiri experiences good weather all year long. Therefore, the ideal time to pack your bags and travel to this interesting region is between the months of October and March. The temperature is really comfortable during this season, and the lush vegetation makes the entire area look stunning. The grandeur is enhanced by the aroma of freshly ground coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ananthagiri Hills Telangana

1. What is the average temperature of the place for the entire year?

The minimum and highest temperatures in Ananthagiri are 13 and 33 degrees Celsius, respectively.

2. What defines Ananthagiri?

The main attractions of Ananthagiri include

1. The numerous scented coffee plantations, are ideal for taking photographs that are Instagram-worthy.

2. Stunning waterfalls and historic vantage places to enjoy nature at its finest.

3. A number of mango groves and orchards that cover the area in shade.

4. Rapid streams that snake across the highlands and join the dazzling Musi River

5. Captivating vistas that aid in capturing the best of this location.

3. What activities are available in Ananthagiri Hills Telangana?

You can choose to go to waterfalls and be near nature, or you can visit mango gardens, orchards, or coffee plantations, which will give you the aroma and fragrance of authentic coffee. Take a camera with you and record some of the breathtaking Ananthagiri Hills sights. In the Ananthagiri Hills, you can go hiking, water skiing, and other adventurous activities.

4. What is Vikarabad famous for?

Higher education institutions like Sri Anantha Padmanabha College and Osmania University College Vikarabad for Self-Finance are well-known in Vikarabad.

5. How to reach Nagasamudram Lake?

The Nagasamudram Lake appears to be located in Nagasamudra, Telangana, however, Google Maps lists it as Kotpally Reservoir. To get to Nagasamudram Lake from Haritha Resort or Kotpally Reservoir, you should follow this chart.

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