Best Places To Visit In Jaisalmer – 2022

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Every historical city has stories to tell, facts to reveal, individuality to amaze, and a spirit to live by. Jaisalmer, in Rajasthan, is one such city that provides information about brave rulers and residents of the past, tales of unparalleled heroism, and an unshakable spirit to keep us alive and kicking. The city is tucked away in the heart of the famed Thar Desert. If you’re planning a trip to Best Places To Visit In Jaisalmer, make sure to stop by the following 10 tourist attractions.

Here is the list of top 10 Best Places To Visit In Jaisalmer

1. Jaisalmer Fort

Visitor Information
- Famous for: History, Architecture, Photography.
- Tickets: 30 INR for Indians, 70 INR for other nationalities. 50 INR for still camera and  150 INR for videography.                                
- Opening Timings: Open all days (9 AM – 5 PM).
- Duration: 2-2.5 hours.

About Jaisalmer Fort

The Jaisalmer Fort is regarded as Rajasthan’s Golden Fort. Raja Jaisal, a Rajput king, built it in the year 1156 AD. It is one of the world’s largest defenses. The Fort’s golden and yellow blended sandstone gives it a wonderful appearance. The fort, which rises from the desert sands like a mirage, is a sight to behold at night, with its 99 cannons. The Fort stands strong and majestic, showing Rajasthani architecture at its best.

Things to Do around Jaisalmer Fort
    - Street shopping.
    - Sampling cuisines in the many eateries.

2. Bada Bagh

Visitor Information
   - Famous for: History, Architecture, Photography, Gardens.
   - Tickets: 50 INR for Indians and 100 INR for foreigners.
   - Opening Timings: Open all days (9 AM – 6 PM).
   - Duration: 45 min to 1 hour.

About Bada Bagh

‘Bada Bagh’ translates to ‘Giant Gardens.’ It was built during Maharawal Jait Singh’s rule, which began in the early 16th century. After their father died, his son Lunakaran finished the work. The nobles and their families were cremated in the garden, which served as a memorial. The view from the garden is breathtaking. The location is remote. If you go between sunrise and sunset, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views that you will be unable to resist photographing.

3. Patwon-Ki-Haveli

Visitor Information
    -Famous for: History, Architecture, Photography.
    -Tickets: 20 INR for Indians and 100 INR for other nationalities plus 50 INR for still camera and 100 INR for videography.
    -Opening Timings: Open all days (9 AM – 5 PM).
    -Duration: 1-1.5 hours.

About Patwon-Ki-Haveli

Patwon-Ki-Haveli is in the heart of the city. It was constructed by Guman Chand and his sons, a well-known merchant. This large five-story structure houses five lavishly designed suites. The spacious passageways and ornately adorned walls are great examples of the dominant art form. Yellow sandstone is used throughout the structure. The monument’s magnificence and architecture add immeasurable worth to the city’s cultural legacy. One of the Havelis has been turned into a museum. The works of local craftsmen from a bygone age are shown in the third haveli.

4. Sam Sand Dunes

Visitor Information
    -Famous for: History, Architecture, Photography.
    -Tickets: No entry fee.
    -Opening Timings: Open all days.
    -Duration: Depends upon the activity you perform here.

About Sam Sand Dunes

Desert Safari is the best way to get a sense of the desert. Sam Sand Dunes is an excellent starting point for a Desert Safari. You will enjoy the camel safari, which will take you around crests and troughs and allow you to see the beautiful sunset in the desert. Jeep safaris are also available. In the months of February and March, a desert festival is held. If you happen to be in the area during this time, you won’t want to miss the folk dances, camel races, and other cultural events taking place.

Things to Do at Sam Sand Dunes
    -Desert Camping.
    -Desert Safari.
    -Paragliding and other adventure sports.
    -Camel rides.
    -A visit to the nearby Desert National Park and Sanctuary.

5. The Thar Heritage Museum

Visitor Information
    - Famous for: History, Photography.
    - Tickets: 30 INR for Indians and 70 INR for other nationalities.
    - Opening Timings: Everyday (9AM – 8 PM).
    - Duration: 2 hours.

About Thar Heritage Museum

The Thar Heritage Museum is located in the city’s main market. This museum was built by Laxmi Narayan Khatri. The Thar Desert’s history, culture, art, and architecture are all on display in the museum. Sea fossils dating back millions of years reveal how the sea formed the Thar Desert. The museum houses one-of-a-kind desert ships and horse ornaments. This museum’s collections include Jaisalmer documents and coinage, ancient texts, and weapons.

Things to Do at Thar Heritage Museum
    - Enjoy a puppet show (charges separate).
    - Visit the nearby Silk Route Art Gallery.

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6. Gadisar Lake

Visitor Information
    - Famous for: History, Architecture, Photography.
    - Tickets: Entry free. Boating charges (Row boat 10 INR, Paddle Boat 50 INR, Shikara- 100 INR) for a 30 min ride.
    - Opening Timings: Open all days (8 AM – 8 PM).
    - Duration: 2-2.5 hours.

About Gadisar Lake

A km far from the fort sits Gadisar Lake. It was built by Raja Rawal Jaisal, the land’s first king, and then renovated by Maharawal Garsi in 1367 AD. The residents of the desert city are dependent on this tank for water. The lake’s banks are lined with temples, holy shrines, and Chatteris. The spectacular view is provided by the finely carved yellow sandstone entrance.

Things to Do around Gadisar Lake
  - Picnic.
  - Boat riding.
  - Visit the historic Tilon Ki Pol gate.
  - Visit the Folklore Museum nearby.

Best Places to Visit in India

7. Nathmal-ki-Haveli

Visitor Information
- Famous for: History, Architecture, Photography.
- Tickets: No fee.
- Opening Timings: Open all days (8 AM – 7 PM).
- Duration: 1-2 hours.

About Nathmal Ki Haveli

On the orders of the then-prime minister, Nathmal Ki Haveli was created by two Muslim jewelers brothers rather than stone carvers. The brothers began working on opposing sides of the building, resulting in the left and right sides that were similar but not identical. This haveli is recognized for its gorgeous interiors, which are decorated with paintings and outfitted with modern amenities, in addition to its exceptional outside carvings. Nathmal Ki Haveli, a blend of Islamic and Rajputana architecture, is well deserved as one of Jaisalmer’s most magnificent Havelis. it is the Best Places To Visit In Jaisalmer.

8. Amar Sagar Jain Temple

Visitor Information
- Famous for: History, Architecture, Photography, Pilgrimage.
- Tickets: No fee.
- Opening Timings: Open all days (7 AM – 12 PM).
- Duration: 1-2 hours.

About Jain Temples

Jain temples, which date back to the 12th century and are located within Jaisalmer Fort, are a succession of temples devoted to Jain Tirthankaras. The temples are noted for their particular architectural style, which is based on Mt. Abu’s Dilwara temple. These temples, which are entirely constructed of yellow sandstone and are beautifully carved and interconnected, are a sight to behold.

Things to Do near Jain Temples
   - Visit the Gyan Bhandar library.
   - Visit the Jaisalmer Fort.

9. Salim Singh Ki Haveli

Visitor Information
- Famous for: History, Architecture, Photography.
- Tickets: 10 INR for Indians and 15 INR for foreigners. Extra charges for photography (50 INR) and videography (100 INR).
- Opening Timings: Open all days (8 AM – 6 PM).
- Duration: 45 min.

About Salim Singh Ki Haveli

Salim Singh Ki Haveli is noted for its unique and eye-catching architecture among Jaisalmer’s Havelis. Salim Singh, the minister at the time, intended to build it as high as the fort, but the king stopped him. It includes 38 balconies, each with its own architectural style, and a peacock-shaped roof. This haveli offers a fascinating look into the past, and images made here would be breathtaking.

10. Kuldhara

Visitor Information
   - Famous for: Ruins, Ghost Town, History.
   - Tickets: Entry free.
   - Opening Timings: Open all days from 8am – 6pm.
   - Duration: 1 hour.
   - Distance from Jaisalmer: 49 min (32.0 km).
Kuldhara Village

About Kuldhara

Kuldhara, now an abandoned ghost town, was formerly a flourishing town inhabited by Paliwal Brahmins. The reasons for the city’s abandonment in a single night are unknown, however, it is widely assumed that the then-state minister Salim Singh was to blame. The minister wanted to marry the village chief’s daughter, so he gave the village chief an ultimatum to fulfill his requests or suffer grave consequences for the entire community. Rather than complying with the minister’s demands, the entire community decided to relocate. They cursed this land before they left, saying it would never have any type of human settlement, and this has proven to be true to this day. Visit Kuldhara for a glimpse into the past and to be haunted by its legends.

Akal Wood Fossil Park, Badal Mahal, Raja ka Mahal, Desert National Park and Sanctuary, Silk Route Art Gallery, and Jaisalmer War Museum are among the other attractions.

Popular Places to Visit Near Jaisalmer

  1. Khuri
  2. Lodhruva
  3. Barmer

Other Interesting Places In Rajasthan:


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