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You may benefit from a trip to Kodaikanal Tamil Nadu in terms of learning a lot of new things and developing fresh perspectives. The Gift Of The Forest is a spot in the Dindigul hills that is so beautiful that it also goes by that name, which sounds like a fairly poetic description. Kodaikanal is a genuine jewel of the Tamil Nadu state.

The list doesn’t end here, though, since this location is also referred to as the “Princess of Hill Stations” and has long been a favourite of travellers looking to unwind in the symphony of nature. It wouldn’t be inaccurate to state that Kodaikanal aids in the redefining of who you are as a person.

When it comes to its economy, the hospitality sector is the key driver. Perfect scenery, waterfalls, and majestic rolling hills make Kodaikanal a breathtaking vacation destination that is worth visiting and draws a sizable number of travellers each year.

So, you must definitely check out this location if you’re seeking a place to let all of your troubles out.

Popular Tourist Attractions and Best Places to Visit in and around Kodaikanal Tamil Nadu

1. Kodai Lake

One of Tamil Nadu’s most well-known tourist attractions is the Kodaikanal Lake. This man-made lake in the shape of a star is situated 2285 metres above sea level. The collector of Madurai, Sir Vere Hentry Levinge, built Kodai Lake back in 1863. After retiring, he relocated to Kodaikanal and made the decision to construct this lake in an abandoned marshy area. Currently, visitors can go boating and fishing here.


2. Coaker’s Walk

A trip to Coaker’s Walk is essential to any Kodaikanal vacation. Coaker’s Walk is a paved strolling area that was created by Lt. Coaker in 1872. It is currently one of Kodaikanal’s most visited locations. A quick trip to the Coaker’s Walk will give you lifelong memories. Take a stroll in the afternoon with your significant other or just marvel at the lush green valleys.


3. Bryant Park

A floral garden called Bryant Park is close to Kodai Lake. Glen Bryant, a British army officer, was the designer of the park. The garden, which has over 325 different varieties of trees, shrubs, and cacti, almost resembles a rainbow when the flowers are in bloom. A 160-year-old Eucalyptus tree is the main draw. If you are taking a tour of Kodaikanal, don’t forget to stop at this lovely botanical garden.


4. Fairy Falls

The Fairy Falls, which are located in the Pambarpuram area, are a must-see attraction in Kodaikanal. These cascading falls provide a stunning view of water spilling out quickly from a mountaintop. The falls are a particularly well-liked swimming spot. The Fairy Falls are definitely worth a visit, whether you choose to spend some time unwinding here with your special someone or simply slip away some time alone.


5. Silent Valley View Point

The Silent Valley View Point is one of Kodaikanal’s most well-known tourist attractions. The Silent Valley View, which is close to Berijam Lake, is a favourite among those who enjoy the outdoors. The Silent Valley View Point is best visited in the early morning and late evening. It goes without saying that the point is a fantastic location to observe the surrounding natural beauty and picturesque mountains. The Silent Valley View is really worth a visit.


6. Pine Forest

About a century ago, Mr Bryant planted the Kodaikanal Pine Forest, which is now one of the hill station’s most popular destinations. Numerous visitors come to the Pine Forest from all over. It goes without saying that the sight of so many tall pine trees makes for a beautiful sight. Make sure to stop by the Pine Forest while on a Kodaikanal trip.


7. Moir Point

One of Kodaikanal’s primary vantage spots is Moir Point. The location bears the name of Sir Thomas Moir, a European engineer who was in charge of building the Goschen Road in 1929. The point provides expansive views of the surrounding mountains and lush landscapes. It is a popular tourist destination in Kodaikanal. Here a little park and a memorial have been built.


8. Dolphin’s Nose

Dolphin’s Nose is a flat rock outcropping that is located 8 kilometres from Kodaikanal Bus Station and is an amazing 6,600 feet deep. One kilometre down a very rocky, steep slope that starts shortly after Pambar Bridge is an uninhabited region. One of Kodai’s most picturesque locations is there.


An enjoyable rest stop is provided by orange juice stands along the trail. There are stunning views of rocky escarpments rising from the plains. Through a rocky bridle trail here, one can go to the historic settlement of Vellagavi. From the road here, a short paved path leads to Pambar Falls.

This location requires 20–30 minutes of easy hiking.

9. Bear Shola Falls

Bear Shola Falls is a tall waterfall in a Reserve forest, located 512 kilometres from Chennai and 3 kilometres from Kodaikanal Bus Station. The name “falls” comes from the legend that bears used to drink water at the top of the falls. This is one of the best waterfalls in Kodaikanal and one of the best sites to go sightseeing in the area.


The road leading up to the falls is uneven and rough. The months of September and October provide the best viewing of the falls right after the monsoon. During the summer, there is no water to be found. The main road leads to a route that travels through peaceful woodland. The stroll through the forest itself is a lovely experience, aside from the magnificent waterfall.

10. Lake View Point

This specific attraction in Kodaikanal, also known as the Upper Lake View Point, draws a lot of tourists. One can enjoy a stunning view of Kodai Lake as well as the surrounding, and wide expanses of greenery from the location. Although Lake View Point doesn’t provide many activities, you can make wonderful memories while admiring the magnificent views of the star-shaped Kodai Lake.


Nearest Places to visit:

How to Reach Kodaikanal Tamil Nadu ?

Kodaikanal, a well-known hill station in South India, is easily accessible from a number of towns. The closest major cities are Kochi (172 kilometres away), Coimbatore (120 kilometres), and Madurai (120 kilometres), in that order (300 kilometres). Kodaikanal is also reachable from Bangalore, which is located around 465 kilometres distant and Chennai, which is located 525 kilometres away.


Kodaikanal’s nearest airport is located in Madurai, 120 kilometres away. All significant Indian cities are well-connected to the airport, and major airlines frequently fly there. From the Madurai airport, it is simple to find both public and private transportation to Kodaikanal. Another option is to fly into the 150-kilometre-distance Trichy airport, which is well connected to many of the country’s major airports.


Kodai Road, about 80 kilometres from Kodaikanal, is the closest railhead. Daily trains go from Trichy and Madurai to Kodaikanal, and they are fairly accessible. Coimbatore, which is well connected to the rest of the country, is another significant railway junction. Travellers can easily take advantage of the frequent trains that operate between Coimbatore and Kodaikanal.


Roadways and buses connect all major cities, including Madurai, Trichy, and Coimbatore, with Kodaikanal. There are both public and private buses that run frequently from these cities. According to their level of comfort, passengers can choose between ac and non-ac buses.

Best Time to Visit Kodaikanal Tamil Nadu

Since Kodaikanal is a hill town, it always has a cool and pleasant temperature. The summer months from March to early June, when the weather is at its greatest, are actually the best time to visit Kodaikanal. The region experiences moderate monsoons and mild winters. As a result, Kodaikanal is a popular tourist destination all year long.

History Of Kodaikanal

According to the archaeological evidence in this area, people have lived there since the Chera Dynasty. The discovery of items like earthen pots at this location suggests that the Palaiyar tribal people were the area’s first occupants.

There are specific allusions to Kodaikanal in Tamil Sangam literature that anyone can uncover. Additionally, it is reported that around 1845, Christian missionaries and bureaucrats helped establish the contemporary Kodaikanal region.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kodaikanal Tamil Nadu

1. What are some amazing things in the hill stations around Kodaikanal?

Hill stations near Kodaikanal give you the chance to enjoy waterfall spray, cave exploration, and breathtaking sunset and dawn vistas.

2. What are the Kodaikanal hills famous for?

The Kodaikanal Hills are a one-stop destination for anyone seeking spirituality, suspense, and adventure in nature.

3. Where can I shop locally in Kodaikanal?

Danish Display, Kaleeswari Supermarket, Kodai Chocolate Factory, etc. are a few well-known shopping destinations.

4. Does it snow in the mountainous areas close to Kodaikanal?

The winter season begins in November and lasts until the beginning of March in the hill stations of Kodaikanal. The city gets a little nighttime snowfall in January.

5. Which of the Kodaikanal hill stations has the best camp sites?

Kodai Camp, The Misty Mountain Hop Campsite, Campers Valley, Pear County, etc. are only a few of the several camping sites in Kodaikanal.

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